Fort Collins Trimble and Tenney Court Alley Enhancements

Craig and Paul led the design efforts to redevelop Fort Collins downtown alleys. Alleys in most cities are the backyard of downtown businesses. They are often characterized by unpleasant smells, the presence of dumpsters, and an image that is less than safe. What if these alleys were to be transformed into vibrant pedestrian spaces? A concept design study was completed for the Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority that investigated two alleys in Fort Collins’ Old Town and the potential to create pedestrian-oriented environments. The resulting designs provided for alley side entrances to existing businesses and aimed to create areas of interest that would attract people. The concept design report was presented to the Downtown Development Authority Board and was met with unanimous approval. The project was then carried to completion with the design and construction observation for Trimble and Tenney Court. It has since won an Urban Design Award from the City of Fort Collins.

Client: Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority