Fort Collins Downtown Alley Enhancements – West Myrtle Alley 

Russell + Mills Studios was hired by the Downtown Development Authority to develop Schematic Design, Design Development and Construction Documents for West Myrtle Alley outlined in the Downtown Alleys Master Plan. This alley establishes thematic elements for the CSU district outlined in the Master Plan and the design responds to the unique alley setting found here that is retail focused and less dense overall. The work involved extensive public input from property owners, City Staff, Artists and various Boards and Commissions. Russell Mills Studios was the lead consultant for the design efforts and design team which includes Civil Engineers, Traffic Engineers, Consulting Artists, Lighting Designers and an Architect. The goal of the project is to create a catalyst for redevelopment and create rich and vibrant shared pedestrian/vehicular spaces within Fort Collins’ rich alley network. The design was careful not to inject over-designed and gimmicky elements, aiming rather for simple gestures to develop an organized design that is timeless and elegant.

Client: Fort Collins Downtown Development Authority