Stapleton Central Park Playground

Russell + Mills provided landscape architecture services and public outreach services for the renovation of the existing Central Playground in Stapleton, Denver, CO. Utilizing new interactive methods for public feedback Russell + Mills Studios developed two conceptual designs. A schematic plan was later refined and construction drawings were completed for bidding. The new playground will includes a large central tower play feature that is incorporated into the existing boulder climbing rock and wall area. Two new hand water pumps and a sand play area mark the beginning of a water channel feature that winds its way through the artificial turf mountains that pay homage to the existing purple mountain and stream theme of the existing playground. A swing area with five different swing options allows users of all ages and abilities to engage in this widely popular activity that is currently under served in the existing playground. New trampolines and wheelchair merry go round has been added to the relocated supernova spinner to create an area of spinning and bouncing fun. Anticipated opening of the new playground is fall 2022.

Client: Denver Parks and Recreation