Levitt Pavilion 

Russell + Mills Studios completed a Master Plan for Ruby Hill Park, in 2010, which identified a large bowl as a location for an amphitheater in the park. That idea became a reality when the Studiotrope Design Collective Team were selected to design the Levitt Pavilion Denver, on the north side of the 88-acre Ruby Hill Park in southwest Denver. Russell + Mills Studios led the site design efforts, aiming to connect the pavilion to a future promenade, enable access for performers, while siting the stage to maximize the expansive lawn for patrons. The collaborative design concentrated on the uniqueness of Ruby Hill Park and was designed to meet the budget for the project with the opportunity to expand in future phases. The state-of-the-art amphitheater hosts 50-plus free concerts each year consisting of national and local acts as well as paid concerts for touring acts.

Client: Denver Parks and Recreation