Zellerbach Garden of  Perennials Historic Renovation

The Zellerbach Garden of Perennials is considered to be a prime example of work done by leading landscape architects who broke with the Beaux Arts tradition during the mid 20th century.
The garden was in need of reconstruction to meet new master plan and ADA requirements. Along with these requirements the major objective was to retain the garden’s original style, charm and the elements initially included for the Zellerbach Family who funded the project. The garden is at the end of the main axis in the arboretum and functions as a focal point. As the arboretum has evolved over recent decades, the importance of the axis and focal point has increased. The new design is more in scale with its place in the arboretum and allows for expansion of the perennial collection. The garden raises the appreciation of careful landscape design and aesthetics through a broad sector of society, and provides a place of peace and reflection. It sets an example for conserving diminishing resources, and preserves the detailing and style of the nouveau California landscape architects.

Client: Strybing Arboretum, San Francisco