South Coast Botanic Garden – Creek Garden and Lake

Russell + Mills Studios is currently developing the master plan and schematic design documents for a 12 acres Creek Garden and Lake in Los Angeles, CA. The area filters and reduces the velocity of the offsite stormwater runoff that enters and moves through the garden. The stormwater will help be the genesis of a creekside garden. The concept also includes measures to harness and use this water. The re-use of the storm water will be a model for sustainable practices in re-using water as an asset to the garden’s experience while also being used to irrigate the garden area. The project involves restoring and re-creating a lake that holds the water for re-use throughout the garden. A series of waterfalls and cascades help slow and move water throughout the topography, while creating a serene and tranquil garden experience. The garden is located centrally in the garden and will becomes a major focus for the garden.

Client: South Coast Botanical Gardens